As a child, you might have rode your bike too fast, jumped ramps carelessly with your skateboard or wrestled with friends after school. Sometimes you got hurt - a bruised knee or elbow, a few stitches for a laceration on the chin and a cast to mend a fractured wrist.

As a teenager you might have ran hurdles for your high school track team, shagged fly balls for your softball or baseball team or blocked the goal from a charging forward for your soccer team, only to be carried away on a stretcher with a twisted ankle or a concussion.

As an adult, you jump in your vehicle and drive to work caring little about the drivers around you until one of them suddenly rear ends you causing a painful whiplash.

You take risks every day. A TMJ trauma can occur at any age. It could happen to you; it could happen to your children. Unfortunately, an injured TMJ is not always easy to recognize.

A chin trauma, such as a chin laceration; sports injury; surgery; whiplash; stretch injury or dental procedure in the past could have damaged the internal anatomy in the TMJ, causing a chain reaction that progressively got worse over the months and years.

At The Piper Clinic, we’ve seen patients who never would have guessed a childhood or past trauma was the root cause of their TMJ pain. We take an indepth look at your history of trauma and compare it to the pictures today to assess the damage to your TMJ.

If you have TMJ pain and experienced one the following traumas, you may have injured your TMJ.

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