Welcome to the Piper Clinic

The Piper Clinic is a specialized dental and medical facility providing patients with noninvasive and surgical management solutions for temporomandibular joint disorders (or TMD).

The Piper Clinic is recognized internationally as one of the leading surgical clinics treating temporomandibular joint disorders, one of the most serious skeletal problems affecting the human body. It is estimated that one-third of the population has had some type of temporomandibular joint injury by the time they reach their early thirties; many of these injuries date back to childhood.

At the Piper Clinic we have managed all types of temporomandibular joint disorder patients, including those with headaches and facial pain, bite and profile alterations/changes, and mechanical clicking and locking of the joint.

Our patient profiles range from early onset childhood injury to lifetime adult debility. The Piper Clinic is devoted 100% to giving you answers about your problem. We explore every diagnostic option to find answers for you, and it is our goal to be the most comprehensive source for solving jaw problems.

Our services include a full scope of diagnostic tests, CT and MRI scan evaluations, bite assessments, pharmacological management, therapeutic nerve blocks, splint therapies, and surgical procedures. With a database of more than 10,000 treated patients and over 30 years of experience, you will find the expertise you need at the Piper Clinic.