I wish to thank you for taking all the extra precautions and time to make sure that the direction taken is the right way to go. I know it took several months for me to make my decision but when you've faced so many surgeries, you do get more fearful and concerned about the decision to be made. But once again God has given me that wonderful peace He alone can give and I know I'm in good hands from above and below. Thank you also for your patience and kind bed-side manner and for the trust you've given back to me that my thoughts, questions, input and suggestions are important. Going through so much, one wants to take every precaution. God bless you greatly.


It always helps to have those who are gentle, kind, understanding, caring and helpful in whatever way they can be to us who are suffering so. Thank you, Dr. Mark Piper and wonderful staff! No one in their right mind would wish or want to go through suffering, but as long as there's life there will be pain. But with folks like you around, it makes my suffering a little bit easier to take. With love, gratitude, thankfulness, appreciation and our prayers.

Carey and Becky

We would like to thank you and your staff for your understanding, flexibility, cooperation and consideration with regard to my recent surgery. We appreciate your continuous caring and support. Much thanks.

Laura and A.J.

I had a rib graft and a fat graft on the left side of my jaw and a bone extension on the right side. I want to thank Dr. Piper and his wonderful staff. I am on the healing path now, and things are going great! I am very thankful for Dr. Piper. He is an amazing man and did a wonderful job!!! :) Don't be scared or nervous if you are having surgery with Dr. Piper; you are in the best of hands!! Thank you Dr. Piper for everything you have done for me.


My wife Pam is a patient of Dr. Piper. We remain very confident that we have made the right decision and look forward to a successful outcome. Part of our trust is due to Dr. Piper’s skill as a surgeon and we consider ourselves fortunate to have the opportunity to be in his care. We are also mindful that the entire organization at The Piper Clinic is one of the most efficient organizations we have been exposed to. The entire group is compassionate, properly focused, and determined to achieve optimal results. I am impressed that these attributes permeate the entire Piper team at all levels.

I can unequivocally state that we have been treated by everyone like the only objective that mattered is a successful outcome to the surgery and rehab. The attitude with every employee we encountered has been amazing. It is obvious you take hiring and training very seriously. Healing has an emotional component and I am impressed with the commitment by each employee to make certain that patients are treated with the utmost respect in every facet of the process.

I am confident we are in great care and that we will have a successful outcome. The Piper team has managed to make a stressful process manageable by having clear priorities and a methodology that ensures optimal results for the patient. We are fortunate to be beneficiaries of such a professional group of talented and caring people.

Terry & Pam

From the initial phone call, through the consultation and then the pre-op appointments, I was wrapped in such a warm and cozy cloud of confident compassion that there was absolutely no fear or trepidation when time came for the surgery - just peace. Well, all that and prayer!

With the care of everyone, and I mean everyone, and the skill of Dr. Piper, my recovery so far has been better than I could ever have expected.

Because of all the things I didn't have to worry about, my sense of humor and spirit were not surgically removed as well. And the belly fat removal - a bonus!

As Terry says, your commitment to "customer service" goes above and beyond and does not go unnoticed, even if at times it may feel unappreciated.

When Terry speaks of the optimum outcome – here’s what that means to me:Besides the lack of pain in my face, jaw, neck and shoulders (which I don't have even now with very little meds taken!) which is unspeakably joyful, I would like to eat a Firehouse Hook and Ladder sub (a favorite) without removing the top bread and cutting it into unrecognizable bits, to eat a pizza (not even a Chicago deep dish!) likewise and eat a hamburger (not even a Big Mac) without flattening it to pancake width. That and being able to yawn or brush my teeth with the fear – just the fear – of my jaw going into some weird place that I can't bring it out of, and to not be on muscle relaxers and pain medication for the rest of my life! You, Dr. Piper, Dr. Jeff and the entire staff have made this all possible and we are truly grateful and blessed! Thank you!

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