Anomalous Medical, LLC, is a software development and publishing company that is dedicated to “real time” modeling of human anatomy. The concept of creating a graphical interface between users and human anatomy was original conceived by Andrew Piper, a software engineer. In 2008, Anomalous Medical was formed, and the original focus was on the facial skeleton and temporomandibular joints. The software was developed as a flexible educational tool that is now widely used in the seminars at the Piper Education and Research Center. Additionally the patients at the Piper Clinic are modeled into the software so that they have a three dimensional look at the injuries that they have suffered.

The three dimensional graphics now include the head and neck region of the body as well as the brain and cranial nerves. The anatomy of these regions can be visualized in any combination of tissue layers and at the camera and zoom angles selected by the user. Even more importantly the anatomical findings in CT and MRI scans can be duplicated in the software so that patients can understand exactly what has happened to their facial skeleton and bite. There is no other software anywhere that is dedicated to the TMJ and bite.

Anomalous Medical develops educational “apps” that can be used by both patients and doctors. The flexibility of the software allows any user to create nearly any application that can be imagined. As an example, Dr. Piper has authored an application that allows patients to “self-test” for a TMJ problem (link to be embedded later). Other applications have been developed to help doctors understand jaw movements during chewing and biting, and the unique features show how these functions change with TMJ damage. For those interested in basic anatomy a free version of the software can be downloaded at

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